Thursday, December 26, 2013

Town Mayor's Son Shot Dead In Christmas Home Invasion

 This is an awful way to spend Christmas Eve, my thoughts go out to the victim's family.

A homeowner in Texas fatally shot a Christmas Eve intruder who authorities later identified as the town mayor's son, police say.
Joshua Slaven, 31, the son of Cedar Hill Mayor Rob Franke, was pronounced dead one minute before midnight on Dec. 24, the Dallas Morning News reports.
Slaven allegedly broke into the Cedar Hill home of Gareth Long, located not far from where his parents live, according to NBC Dallas-Fort Worth.
Just before midnight on Christmas Eve, Gareth Long woke to a noise outside his bedroom door. He got out of bed, grabbed a handgun, and went to investigate... Several times, Long told the man he was armed and asked the intruder to leave. When he wouldn't, Long fired.
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